Mlambo Holdings is a 100% black owned company that is based in Rockville, Soweto that was established in 1992 and registered in 2015 by Saunders and Meisie Mambo. The aim was to eradicate poverty by creating jobs through skills transfer to the youth, women, disabled and the unemployed people of Soweto. 


The unemployment rate is so high and it comes with hunger, drug abuse, disease and crime in our country which is the reason why this company was established; to help the government create jobs for the people of South Africa.




Our vision is to:


  • deliver training and skills development of high demand in our community
  • form a unique collected form of various business available in our community
  • develop and advance life information and technology industry amongst the people of Soweto
  • empower the people of Soweto, hence decreasing the percentage of unemployment in this community simultaneously ensuring sustainable market growth in Soweto




Our mission is to:


  • create and build employers platform in business in large
  • empower small business with formal standard resources
  • provide staff that is capable of ensuring learning and the ability to carry tasks efficiently




To provide employees that will add value to client and not employees that will fit their march in the specified position.




  • produce bio gas
  • We grow vegetables
  • aluminium and glazing
  • process food and soy beans